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This article aims to comprehensively review and summarize the material properties and engineering data for aluminum alloy castings and their many applications. The discussion focuses on conventional sand, permanent mold, and die castings as well as the premium engineered versions of some alloys. The article provides a summary of aluminum casting alloy designations of The Aluminum Association, the Unified Numbering System, and specific alloys considered premium strength by definition and by ASTM International and Aerospace Material Specifications. A distillation of data from published industry sources is given for a wide range of the properties and performance characteristics for topics such as: physical and thermophysical properties, typical and minimum mechanical properties, fatigue resistance, fracture resistance, and subcritical crack growth.

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J. Gilbert Kaufman, 2019. "Properties and Selection of Cast Aluminum Alloys", Properties and Selection of Aluminum Alloys, Kevin Anderson, John Weritz, J. Gilbert Kaufman

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