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This article focuses on various heat-treating practices, namely, normalizing, annealing, stress relieving, preheating, austenitizing, quenching, tempering, and nitriding for cold-work tool steels. The cold-work tool steels include medium-alloy air-hardening tool steels, high-carbon high-chromium tool steels, and high-vanadium-powder metallurgy tool steels. The article also describes the properties, types, nominal compositions and designations of these cold-work tool steels.

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Rafael Agnelli Mesquita, Reinhold S.E. Schneider, Cristiane Sales Gonçalves, Heat Treating of Cold-Work Tool Steels—Medium-Alloy Air-Hardening, High-Carbon High-Chromium and High-Vanadium-Powder Metallurgy Steels, Heat Treating of Irons and Steels, Vol 4D, ASM Handbook, Edited By Jon L. Dossett, George E. Totten, ASM International, 2014, p 329–335,

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