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The choice of heat treatment depends on the service requirements of a given bearing and how the bearing will be made. This article describes the design parameters, material characteristics required to sustain performance characteristics, metallurgical properties, and dimensional stability. It also provides a description of various extensively-used heat treatment processes, namely, carburizing, carbonitriding, induction surface hardening, and nitriding associated with various bearings. In addition, the article explores the factors to be considered in selecting a process and explains why it is optimum for a specific application.

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Alan J. Chidester, Craig V. Darragh, Robert C. Hoff, John R. Imundo, James L. Maloney, III, Dan Nitescu, Heat Treatment of Bearings, Heat Treating of Irons and Steels, Vol 4D, ASM Handbook, Edited By Jon L. Dossett, George E. Totten, ASM International, 2014, p 219–240,

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