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This article summarizes some of the effects of the major alloying elements in low-alloy steels and the heat treating for some common types of low-alloy steels. Coverage includes common alloys of the following low-alloy steel types: low-alloy manganese steels, low-alloy molybdenum steels, low-alloy chromium-molybdenum steels, low-alloy nickel-chromium-molybdenum steels, low-alloy nickel-molybdenum steels, low-alloy chromium steels, low-alloy chromium-vanadium steels, and low-alloy silicon-manganese steels. The article reviews heat treating parameters and processing considerations for each category of steel, including spherodizing, normalizing, annealing, hardening, and tempering.

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2014. "Heat Treating of Low-Alloy Steels", Heat Treating of Irons and Steels, Jon L. Dossett, George E. Totten

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