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Officers and Trustees of ASM International (2017–2018)

  • Frederick E. Schmidt


    Advanced Applied Services

  • David U. Furrer

    Vice President

    Pratt and Whitney

  • William E. Frazier

    Immediate Past President

    Naval Air Systems Command

  • William T. Mahoney

    Chief Executive Officer

    ASM International

  • Craig D. Clauser



  • Prem K. Aurora

    Aurora Engineering Co.

  • Ellen Cerreta

    Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Ryan M. Deacon

    United Technologies Research Center

  • Larry D. Hanke

    Materials Evaluation and Engineering

  • Roger A. Jones

    Solar Atmospheres Inc.

  • Thomas M. Moore

    Wavix Inc.

  • Sudipta Seal

    University of Central Florida

  • Judith A. Todd

    The Pennsylvania State University

  • John D. Wolodko

    University of Alberta

    Student Board Members

  • Mari-Therese Burton

    Carnegie Mellon University

  • Olga Eliseeva

    Texas A&M

  • Jonathan Healy

    Case Western Reserve University

Members of the ASM Handbook Committee (2017–2018)

  • Alan P. Druschitz, Chair

    Virginia Tech

  • Craig J. Schroeder, Vice Chair


  • George Vander Voort, Immediate Past Chair

    Vander Voort Consulting L.L.C.

  • Craig D. Clauser, Board Liaison

    Craig Clauser Engineering Consulting

  • Sabit Ali

    National Bronze And Metals Inc

  • Kevin R. Anderson

    Mercury Marine

  • Scott Beckwith


  • Narendra B. Dahotre

    University of North Texas

  • Martin Jones

    Ford Motor Company

  • Dana Medlin

    SEAL Laboratories

  • Erik M. Mueller

    National Transportation Safety Board

  • Joseph Newkirk

    Missouri University of Science and Technology

  • Scot M. Olig

    US Naval Research Lab

  • Valery Rudnev

    Inductoheat Incorporated

  • Satyam Suraj Sahay

    John Deere Technology Center India

  • Jeffery S. Smith

    Material Processing Technology LLC

  • John M. Tartaglia

    Element Materials Technology Wixom Inc.

  • Jaimie S. Tiley


  • George E. Totten

    G.E. Totten & Associates LLC

  • Junsheng Wang

    Kaiser Aluminum – Trentwood

  • Valerie L. Wiesner

    NASA Glenn Research Center

  • Dehua Yang


Chairs of the ASM Handbook Committee

  • J.F. Harper

    (1923–1926) (Member 1923–1926)

  • W.J. Merten

    (1927–1930) (Member 1923–1933)

  • L.B. Case

    (1931–1933) (Member 1927–1933)

  • C.H. Herty, Jr.

    (1934–1936) (Member 1930–1936)

  • J.P. Gill

    (1937) (Member 1934–1937)

  • R.L. Dowdell

    (1938–1939) (Member 1935–1939)

  • G.V. Luerssen

    (1943–1947) (Member 1942–1947)

  • J.B. Johnson

    (1948–1951) (Member 1944–1951)

  • E.O. Dixon

    (1952–1954) (Member 1947–1955)

  • N.E. Promisel

    (1955–1961) (Member 1954–1963)

  • R.W.E. Leiter

    (1962–1963) (Member 1955–1958, 1960–1964)

  • D.J. Wright

    (1964–1965) (Member 1959–1967)

  • J.D. Graham

    (1966–1968) (Member 1961–1970)

  • W.A. Stadtler

    (1969–1972) (Member 1962–1972)

  • G.J. Shubat

    (1973–1975) (Member 1966–1975)

  • R. Ward

    (1976–1978) (Member 1972–1978)

  • G.N. Maniar

    (1979–1980) (Member 1974–1980)

  • M.G.H. Wells

    (1981) (Member 1976–1981)

  • J.L. McCall

    (1982) (Member 1977–1982)

  • L.J. Korb

    (1983) (Member 1978–1983)

  • T.D. Cooper

    (1984–1986) (Member 1981–1986)

  • D.D. Huffman

    (1986–1990) (Member 1982–1991)

  • D.L. Olson

    (1990–1992) (Member 1982–1992)

  • R.J. Austin

    (1992–1994) (Member 1984–1985)

  • W.L. Mankins

    (1994–1997) (Member 1989–1998)

  • M.M. Gauthier

    (1997–1998) (Member 1990–2000)

  • C.V. Darragh

    (1999–2002) (Member 1989–2002)

  • Henry E. Fairman

    (2002–2004) (Member 1993–2006)

  • Jeffrey A. Hawk

    (2004–2006) (Member 1997–2008)

  • Larry D. Hanke

    (2006–2008) (Member 1994–2012)

  • Kent L. Johnson

    (2008–2010) (Member 1999–2014)

  • Craig D. Clauser

    (2010–2012) (Member 2005–2016)

  • Joseph W. Newkirk

    (2012–2014) (Member 2005–)

  • George Vander Voort

    (2014–2016) (Member 1997–)

  • Alan P. Druschitz

    (2016–present) (Member 2009–)

List of Contributors

  • Diran Apelian

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • Anthony Anderson

    ITW Welding North America

  • Kevin Anderson

    Mercury Marine

  • J. Baumeister

    Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials

  • Patrick Berube

    Hobart Brothers Co.

  • Victoria Burt

    ASM International

  • Wayne Chandler

    SIC Technologies, Inc.

  • Lichun (Leigh) Chen

    Superior Essex

  • Larry Chesterfield

    Anodizing Technologies, Inc.

  • Kevin Colligan

    Nova-Tech Engineering, LP

  • Narendra B. Dahotre

    University of North Texas

  • Devan DePauw

    Northwestern Michigan College

  • Ralph Dorward

    Kaiser Aluminum (Retired)

  • Tiffany A. Dux

    Arconic Forgings & Extrusions

  • Abdallah Elsayed

    University of Guelph

  • Thomas Fiedler

    Newcastle University

  • Michael E. Finn

    Finn Metalworking and Cutting Solutions

  • Rafael Gallo


  • Jennifer L. Giocondi


  • Cullen L. Hackler

    Porcelain Enamel Institute, Inc.

  • W.C. Harrigan, Jr

    MMC Engineering, Inc.

  • Martin Hartlieb

    Viami International

  • Sameehan S. Joshi

    University of North Texas

  • Mark Jozefowicz

    Reliant Aluminum Products, LLC

  • J. Gilbert Kaufman

    Kaufman Associates

  • Serhat Kaya


  • Sean Kelly

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • James LaBelle

    CSD Structural Engineers

  • Chaman Lall

    Metal Powder Products Company

  • S. Lampman

    ASM International

  • Peter Lee

    Manchester University

  • Robert Leggat

    KTA-Tator, Inc.

  • D. Lehmhus

    Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials

  • Shuang Liu

    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

  • D.S. MacKenzie

    Houghton International

  • Richard Mahn


  • William Mankins

    Metallurgical Services Incorporated

  • Richard Martukanitz

    Pennsylvania State University

  • Stephen P. Midson

    The Midson Group, Inc. and Colorado School of Mines

  • Erik Miller

    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

  • David Neff

    Pyrotek (Retired)

  • Linda Newman

    Houghton International

  • Mary Oakley


  • George Olive


  • Elsa A. Olivetti

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Toby Padfield

    American Axle & Manufacturing

  • Mangesh V. Pantawane

    University of North Texas

  • Pinakin Patel

    Techevon LLC

  • Tej Patel

    Techevon LLC

  • Cheryl Roberts

    KTA-Tator, Inc.

  • Jude Mary Runge

    CompCote International, Inc.

  • M. (Kumar) Sadayappan

    Natural Resources Canada

  • Pradip Saha

    The Boeing Company

  • Satyam Sahay

    John Deere Technology Center India

  • Robert Sanders


  • Wojtek Szczypiorski

    Hazelett Corporation

  • Mark E. Schlesinger

    Missouri University of Science and Technology

  • Dusan P. Sekulic

    University of Kentucky

  • Jason Sheuring

    Kaiser Aluminum

  • Geoffrey Sigworth


  • D.J. Spinella


  • James Staley

    Alcoa (retired)

  • Israel Stol

    Consultant and Alcoa Technical Center (Retired)

  • Alton T. Tabereaux

    Alton Tabereaux Consultant

  • John M. Tartaglia

    Element Wixom

  • Kenneth B. Tator

    KTA-Tator, Inc.

  • Nancy Teneyck


  • Jungsheng Wang

    Beijing Institute of Technology

  • J. Weise

    Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials

  • John Weritz

    Aluminum Association

  • Christoph Werner


  • Qiang Zhu

    Southern University of Science and Technology, China


ASM International staff who contributed to the development of the Volume included Steve Lampman, Senior Content Developer; Victoria Burt, Content Developer; Amy Nolan, Content Developer; Susan Sellers, Content Development and Business Coordinator; Madrid Tramble, Manager of Production; Jennifer Kelly, Production Coordinator; Karen Marken, Senior Managing Editor; and Scott D. Henry, Senior Manager, Content Development. Editorial Assistance was provided by Ed Kubel, Jo Hannah Leyda, Elizabeth Marquard, Beverly Musgrove, and Lilla Ryan.

2018. "Credits", Aluminum Science and Technology, Kevin Anderson, FASM, John Weritz, J. Gilbert Kaufman, FASM

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