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Castability is a complex characteristic that depends on both the intrinsic fluid properties of the molten metal and the manner in which the particular alloy solidifies. This article discusses the practical aspects of solidification important to aluminum foundrymen. The primary focus is on the chemical segregation that occurs during freezing, because it determines the castability of the alloy. The article describes the two types of segregation, namely, microsegregation and macrosegregation. It discusses the effect of freezing range on castability of an alloy. The article lists the freezing range of a number of important alloys. It concludes with a discussion on castability of 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, and 7xx alloys.

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Geoffrey Sigworth, 2018. "Solidification and Castability of Foundry Alloys", Aluminum Science and Technology, Kevin Anderson, FASM, John Weritz, J. Gilbert Kaufman, FASM

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