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Coverage of joining technologies in the ASM Handbook has grown dramatically over the years. A short chapter on welding—equal in size to about 5 pages of today's ASM Handbook—appeared in the 1933 Edition of the National Metals Handbook published by the American Society of Steel Treaters, ASM's predecessor. That material was expanded to 13 pages in the classic 1948 Edition of Metals Handbook. The first full volume on welding and brazing in the series appeared in 1971, with publication of Volume 6 of the 8th Edition of Metals Handbook. Volume 6 of the 9th Edition, published in 1983, was expanded to include coverage of soldering.

The new Volume 6 of the ASM Handbook builds on the proud tradition established by these previous volumes, but it also represents a bold new step for the series. The Handbook has not only been revised, but also entirely reformatted to meet the needs of today's materials community. Over 90% of the articles in this Volume are brand-new, and the remainder have been substantially revised. More space has been devoted to coverage of solid-state welding processes, materials selection for joined assemblies, welding in special environments, quality control, and modeling of joining processes, to name but a few. Information also has been added for the first time about joining of selected nonmetallic materials.

While a deliberate attempt has been made to increase the amount of cutting-edge information provided, the organizers have worked hard to ensure that the heart of the book remains practical information about joining processes, applications, and materials weldability—the type of information that is the hallmark of the ASM Handbook series.

Putting together a volume of this magnitude is an enormous effort and could not have been accomplished without the dedicated and tireless efforts of the Volume Chairpersons: David L. Olson, Thomas A. Siewert, Stephen Liu, and Glen R. Edwards. Special thanks are also due to the Section Chairpersons, to the members of the ASM Handbook Committee, and to the ASM editorial staff. We are especially grateful to the over 400 authors and reviewers who have contributed their time and expertise in order to make this Handbook a truly outstanding information resource.

Edward H. Kottcamp, Jr.
ASM International
Edward L. Langer
Managing Director
ASM International

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