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Molding compounds are plastic materials in varying stages of pellets or granulation that consist of resin, filler, pigments, reinforcement, plasticizers, and other ingredients ready for use in a molding operation. This article describes the material components and physical properties of sheet molding compounds (SMC). The three types of resin paste mixing techniques, such as batch, batch/ continuous, and continuous, for an SMC operation are reviewed. The article discusses the design features and functional operations of the two types of SMC machines, namely, continuous-belt and beltless machines. It explains the formulation and processing of bulk molding compounds and reviews molding methods for bulk molding compounds, including compression, transfer, and injection molding. The article discusses the effects of fiber type and length and matrix type on thermoset bulk molding compounds. It describes the four injection molding processes of injection molding compounds such as feeding, transporting, injecting, and flowing.

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