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Officers and Trustees of ASM International (2009–2010)

  • Frederick J. Lisy

    President and Trustee

    Orbital Research Incorporated

  • Mark F. Smith

    Vice President and Trustee

    Sandia National Laboratories

  • Paul L. Huber

    Treasurer and Trustee

    Seco/Warwick Corporation

  • Roger J. Fabian

    Immediate Past President and Trustee

    Bodycote Thermal Processing

  • Stanley C. Theobald

    Managing Director and Secretary

    ASM International

  • Mufit Akinc

    Iowa State University

  • Riad I. Asfahani

    United States Steel Corporation

  • Sunniva R. Collins


  • Robert J. Fulton

    Hoeganaes Corporation (retired)

  • Richard Knight

    Drexel University

  • Sunniva R. Collins


  • John J. Letcavits


  • Digby D. Macdonald

    Penn State University

  • Charles A. Parker

    Honeywell Aerospace

  • Jon D. Tirpak


  • [Student board representatives]

  • Joshua Holzhausen

    Missouri University of Science and Technology

  • Kelsi Hurley

    University of Washington

  • Natasha Rajan

    University of Alberta

Members of the ASM Handbook Committee (2009–2010)

  • Kent L. Johnson (Chair 2008–; Member 1999–) Materials Engineering Inc.

  • Craig D. Clauser (Vice Chair 2009–; Member 2005–) Craig Clauser Engineering Consulting Incorporated

  • Larry D. Hanke (Immediate Past Chair; Member 1994–) Materials Evaluation and Engineering Inc.

  • Viola L. Acoff (2005–) University of Alabama

  • Lichun Leigh Chen (2002–) Technical Materials Incorporated

  • Sarup K. Chopra (2007–) Consultant

  • Craig V. Darragh (1989–) The Timken Company (ret.)

  • Jon L. Dossett (2006–) Consultant

  • Alan P. Druschitz (2009?) University of Alabama-Birmingham

  • David U. Furrer (2006–) Rolls-Royce Corporation

  • Jeffrey A. Hawk (1997–) National Energy Technology Laboratory

  • William L. Mankins (1989–) Metallurgical Services Inc.

  • Joseph W. Newkirk (2005–) Missouri University of Science and Technology

  • Robert P. O'Shea, Jr. (2008–) Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants

  • Cory J. Padfield (2006–) American Axle & Manufacturing

  • Toby V. Padfield (2004–) ZF Sachs Automotive of America

  • Cynthia A. Powell (2009?) DoE National Energy Technology Lab

  • Elwin L. Rooy (2007–) Elwin Rooy & Associates

  • Jeffrey S. Smith (2009?) Material Processing Technology LLC

  • Kenneth B. Tator (1991–) KTA-Tator Inc.

  • George F. Vander Voort (1997–) Buehler Ltd.

  • Michael K. West (2008–) South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Chairs of the ASM Handbook Committee

  • J.F. Harper

    (1923–1926) (Member 1923–1926)

  • W.J. Merten

    (1927–1930) (Member 1923–1933)

  • L.B. Case

    (1931–1933) (Member 1927–1933)

  • C.H. Herty, Jr.

    (1934–1936) (Member 1930–1936)

  • J.P. Gill

    (1937) (Member 1934–1937)

  • R.L. Dowdell

    (1938–1939) (Member 1935–1939)

  • G.V. Luerssen

    (1943–1947) (Member 1942–1947)

  • J.B. Johnson

    (1948–1951) (Member 1944–1951)

  • E.O. Dixon

    (1952–1954) (Member 1947–1955)

  • N.E. Promisel

    (1955–1961) (Member 1954–1963)

  • R.W.E. Leiter

    (1962–1963) (Member 1955–1958, 1960–1964)

  • D.J. Wright

    (1964–1965) (Member 1959–1967)

  • J.D. Graham

    (1966–1968) (Member 1961–1970)

  • W.A. Stadtler

    (1969–1972) (Member 1962–1972)

  • G.J. Shubat

    (1973–1975) (Member 1966–1975)

  • R. Ward

    (1976–1978) (Member 1972–1978)

  • G.N. Maniar

    (1979–1980) (Member 1974–1980)

  • M.G.H. Wells

    (1981) (Member 1976–1981)

  • J.L. McCall

    (1982) (Member 1977–1982)

  • L.J. Korb

    (1983) (Member 1978–1983)

  • T.D. Cooper

    (1984–1986) (Member 1981–1986)

  • D.D. Huffman

    (1986–1990) (Member 1982–2005)

  • D.L. Olson

    (1990–1992) (Member 1982–1988, 1989–1992)

  • R.J. Austin

    (1992–1994) (Member 1984–1985)

  • W.L. Mankins

    (1994–1997) (Member 1989–)

  • M.M. Gauthier

    (1997–1998) (Member 1990–2000)

  • C.V. Darragh

    (1999–2002) (Member 1989–)

  • Henry E. Fairman

    (2002–2004) (Member 1993–2005)

  • Jeffrey A. Hawk

    (2004–2006) (Member 1997–)

  • Larry D. Hanke

    (2006–2008) (Member 1994–)

  • Kent L. Johnson

    (2008–2010) (Member 1999–)

Authors and Contributors

  • John Agren

    Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Seokyoung Ahn

    The University of Texas-Pan American

  • Janet K. Allen

    University of Oklahoma

  • Taylan Altan

    The Ohio State University

  • Sudarsanam Suresh Babu

    The Ohio State University

  • C. C. Bampton

    Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

  • Jeff J. Bernath

    Edison Welding Institute Incorporated

  • Bernard Billia

    Aix-Marseille Université, France

  • Robert Brooks

    National Physical Laboratory, UK

  • Dennis J. Buchanan

    University of Dayton Research Institute

  • W.S. Cao

    CompuTherm LLC

  • Y.A. Chang

    University of Wisconsin

  • Anil Chaudhary

    Applied Optimization Inc.

  • S.L. Chen

    CompuTherm LLC

  • Suk Hwan Chung

    Hyundai Steel Co, South Korea

  • Seong-Taek Chung

    CetaTech, Inc.

  • Anders Engström

    Thermo-Calc Software AB, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Hans J. Fecht

    Ulm University, Germany

  • Chris Fischer

    Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation

  • D. U. Furrer

    Rolls-Royce Corporation

  • Ch.-A. Gandin

    Centre de Mise en Forme des Matériaux, Sophia Antipolis, France

  • Randall M. German

    San Diego State University

  • Somnath Ghosh

    The Ohio State University

  • Robert Goetz

    Rolls-Royce Corporation

  • Vassily Goloveshkin

    Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Sciences (MGUPI)

  • G. Gottstein

    Institute of Physical Metallurgy and Metal Physics, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

  • Jianzheng Guo

    ESI US R&D

  • Samuel Hallström

    Thermo-Calc Software AB, Stockholm, Sweden

  • A. Jacot

    Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

  • JongTae Jinn

    Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation

  • D. Kammer

    Northwestern University

  • Kanchan M. Kelkar

    Innovative Research Inc.

  • Pat Koch

    Engineous Software

  • M. V. Kral

    University of Canterbury, New Zealand

  • Matthew John M. Krane

    Purdue University

  • Howard Kuhn

    University of Pittsburgh

  • Young-Sam Kwon

    CetaTech, Inc.

  • Peter D. Lee

    Department of Materials, Imperial College, London, U.K

  • Guoji Li

    Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation

  • Ming Li

    Alcoa Technical Center

  • Kong Ma

    Rolls-Royce Corporation

  • Paul Mason

    Thermo-Calc Software Inc., Stockholm, Sweden

  • Ramesh S. Minisandram

    ATI Allvac

  • Alec Mitchell

    University of British Columbia

  • D. A. Molodov

    Institute of Physical Metallurgy and Metal Physics, RWTH Aachen University, Germany;

  • Seong Jin Park

    Mississippi State University

  • Suhas V. Patankar

    Innovative Research Inc.

  • Ashish D. Patel

    Carpenter Technologies

  • Michael Preuss

    Manchester University, UK

  • Peter J. Quested

    National Physical Laboratory, UK

  • A. D. Rollett

    Carnegie Mellon University

  • Yiming Rong

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • D. J. Rowenhorst

    US Naval Research Laboratory

  • Valery Rudnev

    Inductoheat Incorporated

  • Victor Samarov

    Synertech PM

  • Mark Samonds

    ESI US R&D

  • N. Saunders

    Thermotech / Sente Software Ltd., UK

  • S. L. Semiatin

    Air Force Research Laboratory

  • L. S. Shvindlerman

    Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Russia

  • Richard D. Sisson, Jr.

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • G. Spanos

    US Naval Research Laboratory

  • Shesh K. Srivatsa

    GE Aviation

  • Santosh Tiwari

    Engineous Software

  • Juan J. Valencia

    Concurrent Technologies Corporation

  • Alex Van der Velden

    Engineous Software

  • P. W. Voorhees

    Northwestern University

  • Ronald A. Wallis

    Wyman Gordon Forgings

  • Gang Wang

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • Junsheng Wang

    Department of Materials, Imperial College, London, UK

  • Philip J. Withers

    Manchester University, UK

  • K.S. Wu

    CompuTherm LLC

  • Wei-Tsu Wu

    Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation

  • Junde Xu

    Edison Welding Institute Incorporated

  • Jaebong Yang

    Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation

  • Y. Yang

    CompuTherm LLC

  • F. Zhang

    CompuTherm LLC


  • Taylan Altan

    The Ohio State University

  • Egbert Baake

    Leibniz Universität Hannover

  • L. Battezzati

    Università di Torino

  • Michel Bellet

    Centre de Mise en Forme des Matériaux, Sophia Antipolis, France

  • Hongbo Cao

    General Electric Global Research Center

  • Qing Chen

    Thermo-Calc Software AB, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Jon Dantzig

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Uwe Diekmann

    Metatech GmbH

  • Rollie Dutton

    Air Force Research Laboratory

  • D.U. Furrer

    Rolls-Royce Corporation

  • Martin E. Glicksman

    University of Florida

  • Janez Grum

    University Of Ljubljana

  • Jianzheng Guo

    ESI US R&D

  • Larry Hanke

    Materials Evaluation and Engineering Inc

  • Jeffrey Hawk

    U.S. Department of Energy

  • Edmond Ilia


  • Mohammad Jahazi

    National Research Council Canada

  • Richard Johnson

  • Ursula Kattner

    National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • Leijun Li

    Utah State University

  • Daan Maijer

    University of British Columbia

  • William Mankins

    Metallurgical Services Incorporated

  • David McDowell

    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Tugrul Ozel

    Rutgers University

  • S.L. Semiatin

    Air Force Research Laboratory

  • Brian Thomas

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Ray Walker

    Keystone Synergistic Enterprises, Inc.

  • Michael West

    South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

  • John Wooten

    CalRAM, Inc


ASM International staff who contributed to the development of the volume included Eileen DeGuire, Content Developer; Steve Lampman, Content Developer; Charles Moosbrugger, Content Developer; Ann Britton, Editorial Assistant; Madrid Tramble, Senior Production Coordinator; Patty Conti, Production Coordinator; Diane Whitelaw, Production Coordinator; Scott D. Henry, Senior Manager, Content Development; and Bonnie R. Sanders, Manager of Production. Editorial assistance was provided by Elizabeth Marquard and Buz Riley.

2010. "Credits", Metals Process Simulation, D.U. Furrer, S.L. Semiatin

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