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Computer simulation of microstructural evolution during hot rolling of steels is a major topic of research and development in academia and industry. This article describes the methodology and procedures commonly employed to develop microstructural evolution models to simulate microstructural evolution in steels. It presents an example of the integration of finite element modeling and microstructural evolution models for the simulation of metal flow and microstructural evolution in a hot rolling process.

This article explores the potential of through-process simulations of the development of microstructure, texture, and resulting properties during the thermomechanical processing of Al-Mn-Mg alloys, starting from the as-cast ingot to final-gage sheet. It provides an introduction of the thermomechanical production of aluminum sheet and, in particular, highlights the main effects governing the evolution of microstructure and texture. The simulation tools used to model the evolution of microchemistry, microstructure, and texture upon deformation and recrystallization of aluminum alloys are described. The article discusses the recrystallization behavior of alloy AA 3104 during the interstand times in between two consecutive hot rolling passes with the help of combined microstructure models.

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