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Castability of alloys is a measure of their ability to be cast to a given shape with a given process without the formation of cracks/tears, pores/shrinkage, and/or other significant casting defects. This article discusses the factors which affect the fluidity of an iron melt: alloy composition and initial melt condition. Besides the basic alloy properties, the effective castability of high-alloy irons can be significantly improved through casting and casting system design. The article describes the product design and processing factors of high-alloy graphitic irons and high-alloy white irons. It explains the heat treatment of high-silicon irons for high-temperature service and concludes with a discussion on machining and finishing of high-alloy iron castings.

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Harry Tian, Richard B. Gundlach, 2017. "Castability, Product Design, and Production of High-Alloy Iron Castings", Cast Iron Science and Technology, Doru M. Stefanescu

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