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Foundry practices critical to the production of cast irons include melting, alloying, molten metal treatment, pouring, and the design of feeding systems (gating and risering) to allow proper filling of the casting mold. This article reviews these production stages of iron foundry casting, with particular emphasis on the melting practices, molten metal treatment, and feeding of molten metal into sand molds. It discusses the castability factors, such as fluidity, shrinkage, and resistance, of gray iron. Typical cupola charge compositions and the final analyses for class 30 and class 40 gray iron castings are presented in a table. The article describes the induction melting and arc furnace melting used in gray iron foundries. It also reviews the inoculation methods such as stream inoculation and mold inoculation, of gray iron.

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2017. "Production of Gray Iron Castings", Cast Iron Science and Technology, Doru M. Stefanescu

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