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Thermal analysis is used to analyze solidification processes by recording the temperature as a function of time during cooling or heating of a metal or alloy to or from a temperature above its melting point. This article describes the use of cooling curves for analyzing a solidification process, such as the solidification temperature, structure analysis, fraction of phases and heat of fusion with focus on solidification of cast iron, and the use of cooling curves to control and adjust the casting conditions. It discusses deviations from equilibrium that occur due to kinetic effects during solidification. The article also illustrates the evaluation of fraction of solid formed during the precipitation of austenite from heat balance.

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Hasse, Fredriksson, Doru M. Stefanescu, Principles of Thermal Analysis, Cast Iron Science and Technology, Vol 1A, ASM Handbook, Edited By Doru M. Stefanescu, ASM International, 2017, p 81–87,

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