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2016–2017 has been a time period in which ASM International has implemented its strategic plan for “The ASM Renewal.” Key tenants of the renewal have been a focus on technical excellence, membership, and strategic collaborations. Pursuit of these has been guided by a fundamental belief that ASM provides maximum value to its members and society when working at the intersection of engineering/design, materials, and manufacturing. Further, ASM International is a society of members who have come together to do great things that cannot be done individually.

The origins of ASM can be traced to 1913 and the formation of the Steel Treaters Club in Detroit. Since that time, ASM has grown and now embraces a wide diversity of materials and processing technologies. However, the purpose of ASM, as stated in Section 4 of the ASM Constitution, is “ASM is formed for the exclusive purpose of advancing and disseminating scientific, engineering, and technical knowledge, particularly with respect to the manufacture, processing, characterization, selection, understanding, use, and life-cycle of engineered materials, through education, research, and the compilation and dissemination of information to serve technical and professional needs and interests and to benefit the general public.”

The publication of ASM Handbook, Volume 18, Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology is the embodiment of the core values and beliefs that our Society holds dear. Volume Editor George Totten, seven Division Editors, and over 200 authors and reviewers worked to revise ASM Handbook, Volume 18, Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology from its original 1992 edition. Volume 18 is a resource for engineers and technical personnel who are looking to find practical solutions to real-world tribological problems.

In quoting Peter Blau, Volume Editor of the first edition, the content is to help in “selecting the right tool for the right job.” Coverage includes the fundamental physical principles and materials properties that are the basis of understanding and solving tribological problems.

Additionally, as in every ASM Handbook volume, Volume 18 provides readers with reference information in the form of charts, graphs, tables, and key equations to help solve specific problems. In addition to basic concepts, methods of lab testing and analysis, materials selection, and field diagnosis and monitoring of friction and wear also are covered in Volume 18. The key focus of the Volume is improved materials performance through informed materials selection, lubrication use, and employment of surface treatments and coatings.

Volume 18 embodies the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and competitive tribological reference information available in the world today. With this valuable reference publication newly revised, ASM International is the best option for materials scientists, engineers, and technicians focused on solving the most pressing tribological issues. It is also emblematic of The ASM Renewal.

William E. Frazier “Pilgrim”
ASM International
William T. Mahoney
Chief Executive Officer
ASM International

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