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This article focuses on friction, lubrication, and wear of internal combustion engine parts, improvements in which provide important gains in energy efficiency, performance, and longevity of the internal combustion (IC) engine systems. It discusses the types, component materials, and Friction and Wear Control of IC engine. The article explains the process of friction reduction by surface textures or coatings. It provides information on surface hardening of iron and steel, which is commonly employed for engine and powertrain components such as crankshafts, cams, and cylinder liners. The article also discusses advanced surface engineering technologies, such as diamondlike carbon coatings and surface texture technology. Information on thermal-spray methods that have led to improvements in engine components is also provided. The article describes IC engine-components wear, namely, piston assembly wear, valvetrain wear, cylinder-bore wear, and engine bearing wear. It concludes with information on inlet valve and seat wear of IC engine.

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Victor W. Wong, Simon C. Tung, Friction, Lubrication, and Wear of Internal Combustion Engine Parts, Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology, Vol 18, ASM Handbook, Edited By George E. Totten, ASM International, 2017, p 899–915,

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