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ASM Handbook

Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology

Edited by
George E. Totten
George E. Totten
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Volume 18 addresses friction and wear from a systems perspective, while providing a detailed understanding of why it occurs and how to control it. It explains the basic theory of friction and wear, and offers valuable insight on the forces, mechanisms, and interactions that are involved. It examines common wear scenarios, including wear by particles or fluids, rolling-contact wear, sliding wear, impact wear, and both chemical and environmentally assisted wear. It also covers operational wear, addressing several cases, including tool and die wear, bearing wear, engine wear, turbine wear, pump wear, and seal wear. In addition, the volume provides information on lubricants and lubrication, coatings, surface treatments and modifications, and the tribology of irons and steels, cobalt-base alloys, titanium, aluminum alloys and composites, cemented carbides, ceramics, polymers, and polymer composites. It also introduces the topic of condition monitoring, addressing wear particle analysis, vibroacoustic monitoring, and motor current signature analysis. For information on the print version of Volume 18, ISBN: 978-1-62708-141-2, follow this link.

Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology
Edited by: George E. Totten
ISBN (electronic): 978-1-62708-192-4
Publisher: ASM International
Published: 2017

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