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Officers and Trustees of ASM International (1997–1998)


  • Alton D. Romig, Jr.

     President and Trustee

     Sandia National Laboratories

  • Hans H. Portisch

     Vice President and Trustee

     Krupp VDM Austria GmbH

  • Michael J. DeHaemer

     Secretary and Managing Director

     ASM International

  • W. Raymond Cribb


     Brush Wellman Inc.

  • George Krauss

     Immediate Past President

     Colorado School of Mines


  • Nicholas F. Fiore

     Carpenter Technology Corporation

  • Gerald G. Hoeft

     Caterpillar Inc.

  • Jennie S. Hwang

     H-Technologies Group Inc.

  • Thomas F. McCardle

     Kolene Corporation

  • Bhakta B. Rath

     U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

  • C. (Ravi) Ravindran

     Ryerson Polytechnic University

  • Darrell W. Smith

     Michigan Technological University

  • Leo G. Thompson

     Lindberg Corporation

  • James C. Williams

     GE Aircraft Engines

Members of the ASM Handbook Committee (1997–1998)

  • Michelle M. Gauthier

     (Chair 1997-; Member 1990-)

     Raytheon Electronic Systems

  • Craig V. Darragh

     (Vice Chair 1997-; Member 1989-)

     The Timken Company

  • Bruce P. Bardes (1993-)

     Materials Technology Solutions Company

  • Rodney R. Boyer (1982–1985; 1995-)

     Boeing Commercial Airplane Group

  • Toni M. Brugger (1993-)

     Carpenter Technology Corporation

  • R. Chattopadhyay (1996-)


  • Rosalind P. Cheslock (1994-)

  • Aicha Elshabini-Riad (1990-)

     Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

  • Henry E. Fairman (1993-)

     MQS Inspection Inc.

  • Michael T. Hahn (1995-)

     Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Larry D. Hanke (1994-)

     Materials Evaluation and Engineering Inc.

  • Jeffrey A. Hawk (1997-)

     U.S. Department of Energy

  • Dennis D. Huffman (1982-)

     The Timken Company

  • S. Jim Ibarra, Jr. (1991-)

     Amoco Corporation

  • Dwight Janoff (1995-)

     FMC Corporation

  • Paul J. Kovach (1995-)

     Stress Engineering Services Inc.

  • Peter W. Lee (1990-)

     The Timken Company

  • William L. Mankins (1989-)

  • Mahi Sahoo (1993-)


  • Wilbur C. Simmons (1993-)

     Army Research Office

  • Karl P. Staudhammer (1997-)

     Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Kenneth B. Tator (1991-)

     KTA-Tator Inc.

  • Malcolm C. Thomas (1993-)

     Allison Engine Company

  • George F. Vander Voort (1997-)

     Buehler Ltd.

  • Jeffrey Waldman (1995-)

     Drexel University

  • Dan Zhao (1996-)

     Essex Group Inc.

Previous Chairmen of the ASM Handbook Committee

  • R.J. Austin

     (1992–1994) (Member 1984-)

  • L.B. Case

     (1931–1933) (Member 1927–1933)

  • T.D. Cooper

     (1984–1986) (Member 1981–1986)

  • E.O. Dixon

     (1952–1954) (Member 1947–1955)

  • R.L. Dowdell

     (1938–1939) (Member 1935–1939)

  • J.P. Gill

     (1937) (Member 1934–1937)

  • J.D. Graham

     (1966–1968) (Member 1961–1970)

  • J.F. Harper

     (1923–1926) (Member 1923–1926)

  • C.H. Herty, Jr.

     (1934–1936) (Member 1930–1936)

  • D.D. Huffman

     (1986–1990) (Member 1982-)

  • J.B. Johnson

     (1948–1951) (Member 1944–1951)

  • L.J. Korb

     (1983) (Member 1978–1983)

  • R.W.E. Leiter

     (1962–1963) (Member 1955–1958, 1960–1964)

  • G.V. Luerssen

     (1943–1947) (Member 1942–1947)

  • G.N. Maniar

     (1979–1980) (Member 1974–1980)

  • W.L. Mankins

     (1994–1997) (Member 1989-)

  • J.L. McCall

     (1982) (Member 1977–1982)

  • W.J. Merten

     (1927–1930) (Member 1923–1933)

  • D.L. Olson

     (1990–1992) (Member 1982–1988, 1989–1992)

  • N.E. Promisel

     (1955–1961) (Member 1954–1963)

  • G.J. Shubat

     (1973–1975) (Member 1966–1975)

  • W.A. Stadtler

     (1969–1972) (Member 1962–1972)

  • R. Ward

     (1976–1978) (Member 1972–1978)

  • M.G.H. Wells

     (1981) (Member 1976–1981)

  • D.J. Wright

     (1964–1965) (Member 1959–1967)

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Peter J. Blau

     Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • Rodney R. Boyer

     Boeing Commercial Airplane Group

  • Kenneth H. Eckelmeyer

     Sandia National Laboratories

  • Dennis D. Huffman

     The Timken Company

  • Lawrence J. Korb

     Rockwell International

  • David V. Neff

     Metaullics Systems Company LP

  • David LeRoy Olson

     Colorado School of Mines

  • Dennis B. O'Neil

     Caterpillar Inc.

  • Thomas S. Piwonka

     University of Alabama

  • S. Lee Semiatin

     Wright Laboratory

  • George F. Vander Voort

     Buehler Ltd.

  • Harry W. Walton

     The Torrington Company


ASM International staff who contributed to the development of the Volume included Scott D. Henry, Assistant Director of Reference Publications; Grace M. Davidson, Manager of Handbook Production; Bonnie R. Sanders, Manager of Copy Editing; Kathleen S. Dragolich, Production Coordinator; Erika K. Baxter and Alexandra B. Hoskins, Copy Editors; Alexandru Popaz-Pauna, Candace K. Mullet, and Jill A. Kinson, Production Assistants. Editorial assistance was provided by Denise Kelly, Heather Lampman, and Mary Jane Riddlebaugh. The Volume was prepared under the direction of William W. Scott, Jr., Director of Technical Publications.

Conversion to Electronic Files

Metals Handbook Desk Edition was converted to electronic files in 2000. The conversion was based on the first printing (1998). No substantive changes were made to the content of the Volume, but some minor corrections and clarifications were made as needed.

ASM International staff who contributed to the conversion of the Volume included Sally Fahrenholz-Mann, Bonnie Sanders, Marlene Seuffert, Gayle Kalman, Scott Henry, and Robert Braddock. The electronic version was prepared under the direction of William W. Scott, Jr., Technical Director, and Michael J. DeHaemer, Managing Director.

Credits, Metals Handbook Desk Edition, 2nd Ed., 2nd ed., Edited By Joseph R. Davis, ASM International, 1998

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