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Steel castings produced from carbon and alloy steels in any of the various types of molds and wrought steel of equivalent chemical composition respond similarly to heat treatment. They have the same weldability, and similar physical, mechanical, and corrosion properties. This article lists the specification requirements given in ASTM standards and in SAE J435c. Steel castings are classified according to their carbon or alloy composition into four general groups. Carbon steel castings account for three of these groups: low-carbon steel castings with less than 0.20″ carbon, medium-carbon castings with 0.20 to 0.50″ carbon, and high-carbon castings with more than 0.50″ carbon. The fourth group, low-alloy steel castings, is generally limited to grades with a total alloy content of less than 8″. The article presents graphical representations of the mechanical properties of cast carbon steels as a function of carbon content for different heat treatments.

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