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Wear of metals occurs by plastic displacement of surface and near-surface material, and by detachment of particles that form wear debris. This article presents a table that contains the classification of wear. It describes the testing and evaluation of wear and talks about the abrasive wear, lubrication and lubricated wear, and selection of steels for wear resistance. The article discusses the effect of alloying elements, composition, and mechanical properties of carbon and low-alloy steels at elevated temperatures. It talks about the fatigue resistance characteristics of steels, and describes the forms of embrittlement associated with carbon and low-alloy steels. The article provides information on the effect of composition, manufacturing practices, and microstructure on notch toughness of steels. Finally, it explains the effects of alloy elements, inclusion content, microstructure and heat treatment on fracture toughness of steels.

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1998. "Service Characteristics of Carbon and Alloy Steels", Metals Handbook Desk Edition, 2nd Ed., Joseph R. Davis

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