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Hardfacing is defined as the application of a wear-resistant material, in depth, to the vulnerable surfaces of a component by a weld overlay or thermal spray process Hardfacing materials include a wide variety of alloys, carbides, and combinations of these materials. Iron-base hardfacing alloys can be divided into pearlitic steels, austenitic (manganese) steels, martensitic steels, high-alloy irons, and austenitic stainless steel. The types of nonferrous hardfacing alloys include cobalt-base/carbide-type alloys, laves phase alloys, nickel-base/boride-type alloys, and bronze type alloys. Hardfacing applications for wear control vary widely, ranging from very severe abrasive wear service, such as rock crushing and pulverizing to applications to minimize metal-to-metal wear. This article discusses the types of hardfacing alloys, namely iron-base alloys, nonferrous alloys, and tungsten carbides, and their applications and advantages.

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