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The design and analysis of aerospace and industrial composite components and assemblies requires a detailed knowledge of materials properties, which, in turn, depend on the manufacturing, machining, and assembly methods used. This article, through several tables and graphs, provides the mechanical properties, physical properties, and service characteristics of representative composite fiber-resin combinations, including thermoplastic matrix composites such as thermoplastic polyester resins, thermoplastic polyamide resins, and thermoplastic polysulfone resins, and thermoset matrix composites such as thermoset polyester resins, thermoset phenolic resins, thermoset epoxy resins, thermoset polyimide resins, and thermoset bismaleimide resins.

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Forms and Properties of Composite Materials, Engineered Materials Handbook Desk Edition, Edited By Michelle M. Gauthier, ASM International, 1995, p 476–504,

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