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Mechanical Testing and Evaluation was published in 2000 as Volume 8 of the ASM Handbook. The Volume was prepared under the direction of the ASM Handbook Committee.

The following articles were added as online updates in 2016:

  • G. Revenkar, Introduction to Hardness Testing. This article was revised and updated from the version published in Volume 8 in 2000.

  • Milton C. Shaw and Gabriel J. DeSalvo, The Role of Elasticity in Hardness Testing. This article was adapted from Milton C. Shaw and Gabriel J. DeSalvo, The Role of Elasticity in Hardness Testing, Metals Engineering Quarterly, Vol 12 (No. 2), May 1972, p 1–7.

The following article was reaffirmed as current in 2014 by its author: G.E. Dieter, Mechanical Behavior Under Tensile and Compressive Loads.

The articles in the Section “Statistics and Data Analysis” were published in 2015 as online updates. The articles were adapted from the Section by the same title in Mechanical Testing, Vol 8, 9th ed., Metals Handbook, ASM International, 1985, p 621–720.

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