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Predicting the service life of structural components involves creep-fatigue crack growth (CFCG) testing under pure creep conditions. This article provides a discussion on the loading condition and the type of ductile and brittle material showing creep behavior. It focuses on a description of the experimental method that should be followed in conducting tests of CFCG with various hold times. The article describes the testing conditions, definitions, and the necessary calculations of various crack-tip parameters considered during static and cyclic loading in time-dependent fracture mechanics. The parameters considered for static loading are C*, C(t), C*(t), C*h, Ct, and Cst(t). For cyclic loading, the parameters are delta Jc and (Ct)avg. An overview of life-prediction models is also provided.

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B.E. Gore, W. Ren, P.K. Liaw, Creep Crack Growth Testing, Mechanical Testing and Evaluation, Vol 8, ASM Handbook, Edited By Howard Kuhn, Dana Medlin, ASM International, 2000, p 586–595,

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