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This article discusses the coating systems categorized by the generic type of binder or resin and grouped according to the curing or hardening mechanism inherent within that generic type. It focuses on the properties, advantages, and limitations of various autooxidative cross-linked resins, thermoplastic resins, and cross-linked thermosetting resins. The autooxidative cross-linked resins include alkyd resins and epoxy esters. The article examines the two types of coatings based on thermoplastic resins: those deposited by evaporation of a solvent, commonly called lacquers, and those deposited by evaporation of water, a class of coatings called water-borne coatings. The coatings that chemically cross link by copolymerization, including epoxies, unsaturated polyesters, urethanes, high-temperature curing silicones, and phenolic linings, are also described.

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