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This article describes the liquidus plots, isothermal plots, and isopleth plots used for a hypothetical ternary phase space diagram. It discusses the single-phase boundary (SPB) line and zero-phase fraction (ZPF) line for carbon-chromium-iron isopleth. The article illustrates the Gibbs triangle for plotting ternary composition and discusses the ternary three-phase phase diagrams by using tie triangles. It describes the peritectic system with three-phase equilibrium and ternary four-phase equilibrium. The article presents representative binary iron phase diagrams, showing ferrite stabilization (iron-chromium) and austenite stabilization (iron-nickel).

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Introduction to Ternary Phase Diagrams, Alloy Phase Diagrams, Vol 3, ASM Handbook, Edited By H. Okamoto, M.E. Schlesinger, E.M. Mueller, ASM International, 2016, p 629–642,

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