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ASM Handbook

Metalworking: Sheet Forming

Edited by
S.L. Semiatin
S.L. Semiatin
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Multiple-Slide Machines and Tooling

Page range:
232 - 238
Publication history
August 11, 2006


The multiple-slide machine, sometimes called a four-way, four-slide, or multislide machine, is a somewhat specialized item of stamping equipment, although it is very versatile within a limited area of stamping applications. This article discusses the construction and advantages of multiple-slide machines. It presents comparisons of four-slide operations with press operations based on production speed, tooling cost, tool adjustments, and operating cost. The article reviews some factors to be considered while selecting multiple-slide machines. It summarizes the strip materials commonly used in four-slide production. The article examines the design factors of four-slide parts, including tolerances and finishes. It provides the design recommendations for optimal part quality at maximum production speed. The article also discusses various four-slide cutoff methods.

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2006. "Multiple-Slide Machines and Tooling", Metalworking: Sheet Forming, S.L. Semiatin

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