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ASM Handbook

Metalworking: Sheet Forming

Edited by
S.L. Semiatin
S.L. Semiatin
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Thermal Forming of Sheet and Plate

Alan Male
Alan Male
University of Kentucky
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424 - 428
Publication history
August 18, 2006


This article begins with a discussion on the energy sources used for thermal forming. These include electric induction coil, gas flame, plasma torch, and laser beam. The article discusses the mechanisms of forming and different modes of deformation. It describes the effect of process and material parameters on forming and the effect of metallurgical changes on mechanical property and microstructure of stainless steel. The article concludes with information on the applications of thermal forming.

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Alan Male, 2006. "Thermal Forming of Sheet and Plate", Metalworking: Sheet Forming, S.L. Semiatin

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