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Officers and Trustees of ASM International (2005–2006)


  • Reza Abbaschian

    President and Trustee

    University of California Riverside

  • Lawrence C. Wagner

    Vice President and Trustee

    Texas Instruments

  • Bhakta B. Rath

    Immediate Past President and Trustee

    U. S. Naval Research Laboratory

  • Paul L. Huber

    Treasurer and Trustee

    Seco/Warwick Corporation

  • Stanley C. Theobald

    Secretary and Managing Director

    ASM International


  • Sue S. Baik-Kromalic

    Honda of America

  • Christopher C. Berndt

    James Cook University

  • Dianne Chong

    The Boeing Company

  • Roger J. Fabian

    Bodycote Thermal Processing

  • William E. Frazier

    Naval Air Systems Command

  • Pradeep Goyal

    Pradeep Metals Ltd.

  • Richard L. Kennedy


  • Frederick J. Lisy

    Orbital Research Incorporated

  • Frederick Edward Schmidt, Jr.

    Engineering Systems Inc.

Members of the ASM Handbook Committee (2005–2006)

  • Jeffrey A. Hawk

    (Chair 2005–; Member 1997–)

    General Electric Company

  • Larry D. Hanke (1994–)

    (Vice Chair 2005–; Member 1994–)

    Material Evaluation and Engineering Inc.

  • Viola L. Acoff (2005–)

    University of Alabama

  • David E. Alman (2002–)

    U.S. Department of Energy

  • Tim Cheek (2004–)

    International Truck & Engine Corporation

  • Lichun Leigh Chen (2002–)

    Engineered Materials Solutions

  • Craig Clauser (2005–)

    Craig Clauser Engineering Consulting Inc.

  • William Frazier (2005–)

    Naval Air Systems Command

  • Lee Gearhart (2005–)

    Moog Inc.

  • Michael A. Hollis (2003–)

    Delphi Corporation

  • Kent L. Johnson (1999–)

    Engineering Systems Inc.

  • Ann Kelly (2004–)

    Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Alan T. Male (2003–)

    University of Kentucky

  • William L. Mankins (1989–)

    Metallurgical Services Inc.

  • Dana J. Medlin (2005–)

    South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

  • Joseph W. Newkirk (2005–)

    Metallurgical Engineering

  • Toby Padfield (2004–)

    ZF Sachs Automotive of America

  • Frederick Edward Schmidt, Jr. (2005–)

    Engineering Systems Inc.

  • Karl P. Staudhammer (1997–)

    Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Kenneth B. Tator (1991–)

    KTA-Tator Inc.

  • George F. Vander Voort (1997–)

    Buehler Ltd.

Previous Chairs of the ASM Handbook Committee

  • R.J. Austin

    (1992–1994) (Member 1984–1985)

  • L.B. Case

    (1931–1933) (Member 1927–1933)

  • T.D. Cooper

    (1984–1986) (Member 1981–1986)

  • C.V. Darragh

    (1999–2002) (Member 1989–2005)

  • E.O. Dixon

    (1952–1954) (Member 1947–1955)

  • R.L. Dowdell

    (1938–1939) (Member 1935–1939)

  • Henry E. Fairman

    (2002–2004) (Member 1993–2005)

  • M.M. Gauthier

    (1997–1998) (Member 1990–2000)

  • J.P. Gill

    (1937) (Member 1934–1937)

  • J.D. Graham

    (1966–1968) (Member 1961–1970)

  • J.F. Harper

    (1923–1926) (Member 1923–1926)

  • C.H. Herty, Jr.

    (1934–1936) (Member 1930–1936)

  • D.D. Huffman

    (1986–1990) (Member 1982–2005)

  • J.B. Johnson

    (1948–1951) (Member 1944–1951)

  • L.J. Korb

    (1983) (Member 1978–1983)

  • R.W.E. Leiter

    (1962–1963) (Member 1955–1958, 1960–1964)

  • G.V. Luerssen

    (1943–1947) (Member 1942–1947)

  • G.N. Maniar

    (1979–1980) (Member 1974–1980)

  • W.L. Mankins

    (1994–1997) (Member 1989–)

  • J.L. McCall

    (1982) (Member 1977–1982)

  • W.J. Merten

    (1927–1930) (Member 1923–1933)

  • D.L. Olson

    (1990–1992) (Member 1982–1988, 1989–1992)

  • N.E. Promisel

    (1955–1961) (Member 1954–1963)

  • G.J. Shubat

    (1973–1975) (Member 1966–1975)

  • W.A. Stadtler

    (1969–1972) (Member 1962–1972)

  • R. Ward

    (1976–1978) (Member 1972–1978)

  • M.G.H. Wells

    (1981) (Member 1976–1981)

  • D.J. Wright

    (1964–1965) (Member 1959–1967)

Authors and Contributors

  • Sean R. Agnew

    University of Virginia

  • Debbie Aliya

    Aliya Analytical

  • Brian Allen

    AK Steel Corporation

  • Brian Baker

    Special Metals Corporation

  • Frédéric Barlat

    Alcoa Technical Center

  • Joseph D. Beal

    The Boeing Company

  • William T. Becker


  • B.-A. Behrens

    Universität Hannover

  • David Berardis

    Fenn Technologies

  • B.P. Bewlay

    General Electric Global Research

  • Rodney Boyer

    The Boeing Company

  • Jian Cao

    Northwestern University

  • L.C. Chan

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • L. Chen

    Engineered Material Solutions, Inc.

  • Raymond Cribb

    Brush Wellman Inc.

  • Paul Crook

    Haynes International Inc.

  • Glenn S. Daehn

    The Ohio State University

  • Mahmoud Y. Demeri

    FormSys, Inc.

  • E. Doege


  • Joseph A. Douthett

    AK Steel Corporation, Inc.

  • H. Lee Flower

    Haynes International Inc.

  • Peter Friedman

    Ford Research Laboratory

  • David U. Furrer

    Ladish Company

  • Amit K. Ghosh

    University of Michigan

  • Lotta Lamminen

    Helsinki University of Technology

  • Ed Herman

    Creative Concepts Company, Inc.

  • Louis E. Huber, Jr.

    Cabot Supermetals Corporation

  • Dennis Huffman

    Timken (retired)

  • Kent L. Johnson

    Engineering Systems Inc.

  • Jacob A. Kallivayalil

    Alcoa Technical Center

  • Serope Kalpakjian

    Illinois Institute of Technology (retired)

  • Pawel Kazanowski

    Hydro Aluminum Cedar Tools

  • Stuart Keeler

    Keeler Technologies LLC

  • Brad Kinsey

    University of New Hampshire

  • Gary L. Kinzel

    The Ohio State University

  • Dwaine Klarstrom

    Haynes International Inc.

  • R. Kopp

    Aachen University

  • Howard A. Kuhn

    The Ex One Company

  • Gerrit Kurz

    Universität Hannover

  • Rein Küttner

    Tallinn Technical University, Estonia

  • Rob Larsen

    The Boeing Company

  • T.C. Lee

    Hong Kong University

  • Joe Lemsky

    Ladish Co., Inc.

  • Donald R. Lesuer

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  • M. Li

    The Ohio State University

  • Huimin Liu

    Ford Motor Company

  • Peter P. Liu

    Eastern Illinois University

  • Terry Lowe

    U.S. Department of Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • James C. Malas

    U.S. Department of Defense, Air Force Research Laboratory

  • Alan T. Male

    University of Kentucky

  • Frank N. Mandigo

    Olin Metals Research Laboratories

  • Steve Matthews

    Haynes International Inc.

  • Menachem Kimchi


  • Christopher A. Michaluk

    Williams Advanced Materials

  • Michael Miles

    Brigham Young University

  • Matt Miller

    Cornell University

  • Wojciech Z. Misiolek

    Lehigh University

  • Toby Padfield

    ZF Sachs Automotive of America

  • Henry Rack

    Clemson University

  • Chung-Yeh Sa

    General Motors

  • Daniel Sanders

    The Boeing Company

  • Daniel J. Schaeffler

    Engineering Quality Solutions, Inc.

  • Berthold Scholtes

    Universität Kassel

  • J. Schulz

    Aachen University

  • S.L. Semiatin

    Air Force Research Laboratory

  • Howard W. Sizek

    Air Force Research Laboratory

  • Philip Smith

    Alcoa Technical Center

  • Krishna Srivastava

    Haynes International Inc.

  • Edgar A. Starke, Jr.

    University of Virginia

  • Torgeir Svinning

    SINTEF, Norway

  • C.Y. Tang

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Don Tillack

    Tillack Metallurgical Consulting

  • Derek Tyler

    Olin Corporation

  • Peter Ulintz

    Anchor Manufacturing Group Inc.

  • Ravi Venugopal

    Sysendes, Inc.

  • Evan J. Vineberg

    Engineering Quality Solutions, Inc.

  • Otmar Voehringer

    Universität Karlsruhe

  • Oliver Vogt

    Universität Hannover

  • Boel Wadman

    IVF, Sweden

  • R.H. Wagoner

    The Ohio State University

  • J.E. Wang

    The Ohio State University

  • Jyhwen Wang

    Texas A&M University

  • Michael L. Wenner

    General Motors R&D Center

  • Cedric Xia

    Ford Research Laboratory

  • Jeong-Whan Yoon

    Alcoa Technical Center

  • Gunter Zittel

    Elmag, Inc.


ASM International staff who contributed to the development and publication of the Volume included Steven R. Lampman, Project Editor; Bonnie R. Sanders, Manager of Production; Diane Grubbs, Editorial Assistant; Madrid Tramble, Senior Production Coordinator; Pattie Pace, Production Coordinator; Diane Wilkoff, Production Coordinator; Kathryn Muldoon, Production Assistant; Scott D. Henry, Senior Manager, Product and Service Development; and Sally Fahrenholz-Mann, Electronic Publications Manager.
Editorial assistance was provided by Elizabeth Marquard, Heather Lampman, Cindy Karcher, Beverly Musgrove, Kathleen Dragolich, Carol Polakowski, and William P. Riley III.

2006. "Credits", Metalworking: Sheet Forming, S.L. Semiatin

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