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This article discusses the fracture and fatigue properties of powder metallurgy (P/M) materials depending on the microstructure. It describes the effects of porosity on the P/M processes relevant to fatigue and fracture resistance. The article details the factors determining fatigue and fracture resistance of P/M materials. It reviews the methods employed to improve fatigue and fracture resistance, including carbonitriding, surface strengthening and sealing treatments, shot-peening, case hardening, repressing and resintering, coining, sizing, and postsintering heat treatments. Safety factors for P/M materials are also detailed.

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Randall M. German, Richard A. Queeney, Fatigue and Fracture Control for Powder Metallurgy Components, Fatigue and Fracture, Vol 19, ASM Handbook, ASM International, 1996, p 337–344,

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