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ASM Handbook

Metalworking: Bulk Forming

Edited by
S.L. Semiatin
S.L. Semiatin
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Volume 14A is the first of two volumes that covers the distinct processes and industries of bulk working and sheet forming. It provides comprehensive coverage and essential technical information on the process-design relationships that are needed to select and control metalworking operations that produce shapes from forging, extrusion, drawing and rolling operations. The volume discusses forming equipment, processes, materials, and advanced modeling techniques. For information on the print version of Volume 14A, ISBN 978-0-87170-708-6, follow this link.

Metalworking: Bulk Forming
Edited by: S.L. Semiatin
ISBN (electronic): 978-1-62708-185-6
Publisher: ASM International
Published: 2005

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