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Hot extrusion is a process in which wrought parts are formed by forcing a heated billet through a shaped die opening. This article discusses nonlubricated and lubricated hot extrusion. The two nonlubricated hot extrusion methods are forward or direct extrusion and backward or indirect extrusion. The article illustrates the significance of extrusion speeds and temperatures in hot extrusion. It describes the basic types of presses used in the hot extrusion of metals. The article provides information on the characterization of extruded shapes and explains the operating parameters, including extrusion velocity, amount of pressure required, and type of lubricant, for successful and efficient hot extrusion. The article concludes with a discussion on applications and design methodology that provides insight into CAD/CAM of extrusion dies.

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Other Bulk Forming Processes, Metalworking: Bulk Forming, Vol 14A, ASM Handbook, Edited By S.L. Semiatin, ASM International, 2005

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