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Aluminum fluxing is a step in obtaining clean molten metal by preventing excessive oxide formation, removing nonmetallic inclusions from the melt, and preventing and/or removing oxide buildup on furnace walls. This article discusses the solid fluxes and gas fluxes used in foundries. It reviews the classification of solid fluxes depending on their use and function at the foundry operation. These include cover fluxes, drossing fluxes, cleaning fluxes, and furnace wall cleaner fluxes. The article also discusses the operational practices and applications of the flux injection in the foundries. It describes the applications of the aluminum fluxing such as crucible furnaces, transfer ladles, reverberatory furnaces, and holding/casting furnaces.

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Rafael Gallo, David Neff, Aluminum Fluxes and Fluxing Practice, Casting, Vol 15, ASM Handbook, Edited By Srinath Viswanathan, Diran Apelian, Raymond J. Donahue, Babu DasGupta, Michael Gywn, John L. Jorstad, Raymond W. Monroe, Mahi Sahoo, Thomas E. Prucha, Daniel Twarog, ASM International, 2008, p 230–239,

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