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This article suggests procedures to increase the availability and function of patterns and tooling. It discusses the common expected failure mechanisms, such as erosion and fatigue, for dies and patterns. A successful maintenance program requires good record keeping for each tool. The article lists information required for the maintenance tooling record and preventive maintenance (PM) items from the North American Die Casting Association's publication E501. It concludes with information on objectives for proper storage of tools and patterns. The objectives are preventing tool degradation, safe workplace, easy location, proximity, and cataloging and tracking.

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Henry Bakemeyer, Maintenance, Repair, Alterations, and Storage of Patterns and Tooling, Casting, Vol 15, ASM Handbook, Edited By Srinath Viswanathan, Diran Apelian, Raymond J. Donahue, Babu DasGupta, Michael Gywn, John L. Jorstad, Raymond W. Monroe, Mahi Sahoo, Thomas E. Prucha, Daniel Twarog, ASM International, 2008, p 1213–1215,

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