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Electroslag remelting (ESR) is commonly used to produce the highest levels of quality in plate steels, particularly in thick plates. This article provides an overview of the ESR and discusses the major components and operations of the ESR furnaces. It describes the principles of ingot solidification and various defects of remelted ingot such as tree ring patterns, freckles, and white spots. The article explains several variations of ESR such as pressure electroslag remelting, remelting under reduced pressure, and electroslag rapid remelting. It examines the features of steel ESR and superalloy ESR.

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Electroslag Remelting, Casting, Vol 15, ASM Handbook, Edited By Srinath Viswanathan, Diran Apelian, Raymond J. Donahue, Babu DasGupta, Michael Gywn, John L. Jorstad, Raymond W. Monroe, Mahi Sahoo, Thomas E. Prucha, Daniel Twarog, ASM International, 2008, p 124–131,

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