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This article addresses several distinct aspects of corrosion that should be taken into account when solving the corrosion problems in the food and beverage industries. It summarizes the role of international standards in developing food and beverage industries: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Welding Society (AWS), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The article tabulates the approximate pH values of various foods. It describes the contamination of food products by corrosion. A discussion on specific stainless steels, their corrosion resistance, fabrication, and applications is presented and compared to other potential materials of construction. The article also presents case studies of stainless steel corrosion and concludes with a discussion on corrosion in cleaning and sanitizing processes.

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Shi Hua Zhang, Bert Moniz, Michael Meyer, 2006. "Corrosion in the Food and Beverage Industries", Corrosion: Environments and Industries, Stephen D. Cramer, Bernard S. Covino, Jr.

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