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This article describes dental alloy compositions and its properties. It discusses the safety and efficacy considerations of dental alloy devices. The article defines and compares interstitial fluid and oral fluid environments. Artificial solutions developed for the testing and evaluation of dental materials are summarized. The article examines the effects of restoration contact on electrochemical parameters and reviews the concentration cells developed by dental alloy-environment electrochemical reactions. The composition and characterization of biofilms, corrosion products, and other debris that deposit on dental material surfaces are discussed. The article evaluates the types of alloys available for dental applications, including direct filling alloys, crown and bridge alloys, partial denture alloys, porcelain fused to metal alloys, wrought wire alloys, soldering alloys, and implant alloys. The effects of composition and microstructure on the corrosion of each alloy group are also discussed. The article concludes with information on the tarnishing and corrosion behavior of these alloys.

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