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Corrosion problems and materials selection for emissions control equipment can be difficult because of varied corrosive compounds present and the severe environments encountered. This article discusses the selection of materials for construction of flue gas desulfurization systems. It addresses the problems associated with materials for incinerator off-gas treatment equipment. The off-gases can be classified according to their corrosiveness as: industrial chemical, hospital, municipal solid, and sewage sludge. The article provides information on the selection of materials for the three most common types of dust collection equipment used in bulk solids processing, namely, fabric filters, electrostatic precipitators, and wet scrubbers. It also discusses a wide variety of corrosion problems encountered in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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William J. Gilbert, Corrosion in Emissions Control Equipment, Corrosion: Environments and Industries, Vol 13C, ASM Handbook, Edited By Stephen D. Cramer, Bernard S. Covino, Jr., ASM International, 2006, p 251–256,

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