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Cemented carbides are extremely important in corrosion conditions in which high hardness, wear resistance, or abrasion resistance is required. This article describes the effect of binder composition and carbide addition on corrosion behavior of cemented carbides. It lists the examples of their uses in corrosion applications. The article provides information on the selection of cemented carbides for corrosion applications and tabulates the corrosion resistance of cemented carbides in various media. It expounds the oxidation resistance of cemented carbides and presents some tips to improve the properties of tungsten carbide cutting tools. The article also details the coating materials and coating processes of cemented carbides.

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Corrosion of Cemented Carbides, Corrosion: Materials, Vol 13B, ASM Handbook, Edited By Stephen D. Cramer, Bernard S. Covino, Jr., ASM International, 2005, p 513–525,

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