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This article briefly describes the production of beryllium powder and beryllium/beryllium oxide metal-matrix powder. It discusses fully dense consolidation methods: vacuum hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing, and cold isostatic pressing. Secondary fabrication operations of beryllium and aluminum-beryllium alloys such as extrusion, rolling, welding, joining, and machining are discussed. The article discusses quality control and provides information on the structural, optical, and high-purity grades of beryllium.

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Don H. Hashiguchi, Mark Svilar, Aaron B. Sayer, Amanda L. Morales, Beryllium and Aluminum-Beryllium Alloys, Powder Metallurgy, Vol 7, ASM Handbook, Edited By P. Samal, J. Newkirk, ASM International, 2015, p 757–765,

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