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This article addresses classifications and designations for carbon and low-alloy steel sheet and strip product forms based on composition, quality descriptors, mechanical properties, and other factors. Carbon steel sheet and strip are available as hot-rolled and as cold-rolled products. Low-alloy steel sheet and strip are used primarily for applications that require the mechanical properties normally obtained by heat treatment. The descriptors of quality used for hot-rolled plain carbon steel sheet and strip and cold-rolled plain carbon steel sheet include structural quality, commercial quality, drawing quality, and drawing quality, special killed. The surface texture of low-carbon cold-rolled steel sheet and strip can be varied between rather wide limits. The modified low-carbon steel grades discussed in the article are designed to provide sheet and strip products having increased strength, formability, and/or corrosion resistance. The article also summarizes the key operations involved in the three alternative direct casting processes: thin slab, thin strip, and spray casting.

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ASM Committee on Steel Sheet and Strip , David Hudok, J.K. Mahaney, Jr., S.A. Kish, A.P. Cantwell, Elgin Van Meter, Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel Sheet and Strip, Properties and Selection: Irons, Steels, and High-Performance Alloys, Vol 1, ASM Handbook, By ASM Handbook Committee, ASM International, 1990, p 200–211,

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