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Uranium is a moderately strong and ductile metal that can be cast, formed, and welded by a variety of standard methods. This Article presents an overview of the processing and properties of uranium and uranium alloys with a brief overview of the principal hazards and precautions associated with processing depleted uranium and methods to control mild radioactivity, chemical toxicity, and pyrophoricity. It also describes the classification and heat treatment of uranium and uranium alloys. Furthermore, the Article provides graphical representation of the effect of alloy composition, cooling rate, and aging temperature on microstructure, crystal structure, and mechanical properties of uranium and uranium alloys.

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K.H. Eckelmeyer, Uranium and Uranium Alloys, Properties and Selection: Nonferrous Alloys and Special-Purpose Materials, Vol 2, ASM Handbook, By ASM Handbook Committee, ASM International, 1990, p 670–682,

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