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Focusing on technical excellence, membership, and strategic partnerships is at the core of the ASM Strategic Plan. Accomplishments in these areas have been achieved by putting into motion the idea that ASM provides the most benefits to its members by working in tandem with engineering design, materials, and manufacturing.

ASM's vision, “To be the leading global resource for materials information,” and its mission, in part, “To gather, process, and disseminate materials information globally,” could not be more truly embodied than by the esteemed ASM Handbook series. ASM Handbook, Volume 11, Failure Analysis and Prevention, is the latest in a reference book series that is utilized and relied upon the world over for expert, peer-reviewed materials information that is second to none.

Volume editors Brett A. Miller, Roch J. Shipley, Ronald J. Parrington, and Daniel P. Dennies; seven division editors; and hundreds of authors and peer reviewers worked tirelessly to revise Volume 11 from its 2002 and 1986 editions. The new Volume 11 is a valuable resource for failure analysts, engineers, and technical personnel who are looking to identify the root cause(s) of failures and to prevent future failures. It contains divisions devoted to the practice of failure analysis, tools and techniques, fatigue and fracture, environmental and corrosion-related failures, wear failures, and distortion.

We hope you will agree with us that it is the most up-to-date information source devoted to the complex discipline of machine and component failure analysis. It is the latest reason materials professionals come to ASM International seeking the most highly regarded and relied-upon technical content in the world.

Zi-Kui Liu
ASM International
Ron Aderhold
Acting Managing Director
ASM International

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