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Protective Organic Coatings

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Kenneth B. Tator
Kenneth B. Tator
KTA-Tator, Inc.
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Silicon-Based Technologies in Coatings

Gerald L. Witucki
Gerald L. Witucki
Dow Corning Corporation
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177 - 184
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December 26, 2014


This article focuses on those areas of coatings technology where silicon-based technology (SBT) is the primary enabling technology and where SBT is used as an additive to provide unique properties to the coating film. It describes the chemistry and the uses of alkoxy silanes. The uses of silicates, siliconates, silicone fluids, and silicone resins in coatings are reviewed. The article discusses the various applications of SBT, namely, primers, heat-resistant coatings, industrial maintenance coatings, hygienic coatings, and abrasion-resistant coatings, and for marine biofouling control. It also provides information on the benefits of silicon-base additives.

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Gerald L. Witucki, 2015. "Silicon-Based Technologies in Coatings", Protective Organic Coatings, Kenneth B. Tator

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