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This article provides a detailed discussion on the principal classes and curatives of epoxy resins used in the coatings industry. The principal classes are bisphenol A epoxy, bisphenol F epoxy, epoxy phenol novolac, cycloaliphatic epoxies, epoxy acrylate, brominated bisphenol-A-based epoxy, phosphorus-containing epoxy, fluorinated epoxies, epoxy esters, epoxy phosphate esters, and waterborne epoxy. The principal curatives are amines, amine adducts, cyanoethylated amines, ketimines, polyoxyalkylene amines, cycloaliphatic amines, aromatic amines, polyamides, amido amines, and dicyandiamides. Other curatives include polyester co-polymers, phenolic co-polymers, melamine and urea formaldehyde co-polymer resins, phosphate flame retardants, ultraviolet and electron beam curing of epoxy resins, Mannich bases, Mannich-based adducts, and anhydrides. The article concludes by discussing the concerns regarding the use of epoxy coatings.

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