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ASM Handbook

Protective Organic Coatings

Edited by
Kenneth B. Tator
Kenneth B. Tator
KTA-Tator, Inc.
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ASM International
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Volume 5B addresses the subject of organic protective coatings, the most widely used preventative in the battle with rust and corrosion. It covers the entire spectrum of organic coating materials from acrylics, alkyds, and epoxies to powder coats, waxes, and zinc-rich blends. It compares and contrasts coating properties, describes where and how specific coatings are used, and presents qualification testing and surface preparation procedures. The volume also provides introductory information on chemistry, composition, and the role of pigments, resins, additives, and solvents. For information on the print version of Volume 5B, ISBN: 978-1-62708-081-1, follow this link.

Protective Organic Coatings
Edited by: Kenneth B. Tator
ISBN (electronic): 978-1-62708-172-6
Publisher: ASM International
Published: 2015

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