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Thermal spray is a generic term for a group of coating processes used to apply metallic, ceramic, cermet, and some polymeric coatings for a broad range of applications. It is one of the most versatile technologies of the various coating technologies, capable of depositing virtually any material that does not decompose on heating to near or slightly above its melting point or is sufficiently malleable to be deposited at high velocity. Moreover, the coating material can be deposited on most surfaces including metallic, ceramic, many polymeric, and others, without significantly heating, and therefore changing the properties, of that surface. Thermal spray coatings have found applications in most industries, providing economical solutions to a host of wear, corrosion, thermal, and other problems or providing other unique characteristics to a surface.

This ASM Handbook, Volume 5A, is intended to provide basic information on thermal spray technology for engineers and technicians new to the field, as well as to serve as a primary reference for experienced practitioners. It should also be a valuable resource for materials, mechanical, aero, chemical, and other design and operations engineers, as well as others seeking solutions to surface engineering problems such as wear, corrosion, thermal or electrical conduction or insulation, or special surface functions such as lubrication, friction, or catalysis.

This ASM Handbook, Volume 5A, is an extensive revision and updating of the Handbook of Thermal Spray Technology prepared under the direction of the Training Committee of the ASM Thermal Spray Society and published by ASM International in 2004. It is the result of a great deal of time and effort by the TSS member volunteers who served as editors and authors of its divisions, and they are to be highly commended for their commitment and dedication to the project. All of the divisions were peer reviewed by experts in their various fields, and they too are to be commended for their efforts as are the several staff members involved in editing and compiling Volume 5A.

R.C. Tucker, Jr., PhD, FASM, TS HoF

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