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Thermal spray coating involves certain precoating operations, such as cleaning, surface preparation, and masking, that are critical to the overall quality of the coating system. In addition to these, certain other elements are considered prior to the coating, namely, customer requirements, coating function, part geometry, substrate metallurgy, structure, and thermal history. This article provides a detailed account of the various processes of surface preparation, namely, cleaning, roughening, dry abrasive grit blasting, and machining and macro roughening processes. It outlines the masking and fixturing techniques and stripping of coatings.

Thermal spray coatings are often modified or treated by a variety of post-coating operations to transform the as-coated material into a final product based on coating composition and application. This article provides a detailed description of the post-coating operations that fall under two basic categories: surface treatments, such as dimensional, non-dimensional, and geometric finishing; and internal treatments, such as sealing, heat treating, and peening. It also describes various inspection and testing methods, including destructive and non-destructive inspections, often employed after post-coating operations.

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