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This article focuses on powder bed fusion (PBF) of ceramics, which has the potential to fabricate functional ceramic parts directly without any binders or post-sintering steps. It presents the results of three oxide ceramic materials, namely silica, zirconia, and alumina, processed using PBF techniques. The article discusses the challenges encountered during PBF of ceramics, including nonuniform ceramic powder layer deposition, laser and powder particle interactions, melting and consolidation mechanisms, optimization of process parameters, and presence of residual stresses in ceramics after processing. The applications of PBF ceramics are also discussed.

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S.I. Sing, W.Y. Yeong, Powder Bed Fusion, Additive Manufacturing Processes, Vol 24, ASM Handbook, Edited By David L. Bourell, William Frazier, Howard Kuhn, Mohsen Seifi, ASM International, 2020, p 152–163,

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