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This article focuses on four industrial additive manufacturing approaches that are used to create polymer parts. The first section focuses on material extrusion, providing information on lumped-parameter material flow models and higher-fidelity models developed to estimate temperature distribution. The second section covers polymer powder-bed sintering/ fusion, discussing the different levels of scale used to address modeling and the impact of process settings: thermodynamics at the powder-bed surface, consolidation of adjacent particles in the fusion process, and fusion and molecular-level behavior within particles. The third section on vat photopolymerization (VPP) discusses two primary approaches to modeling VPP processes, namely a lumped-parameter approach to estimate cured regions in the vat, known as the Jacobs model, and a high-fidelity, continuum approach that uses finite-element methods. The final section is devoted to material jetting, focusing on simulations used to study droplet generation at the nozzle and droplet impact.

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