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This article presents a brief history of additive manufacturing (AM). It begins by describing additive manufacturing prehistory, dating back to 1860, which is characterized by additive part creation without the use of a computer. The article then discusses the development of additive manufacturing processes occurring in the period from 1968 to 1984 and is followed by a section on modern additive manufacturing (1981 to the late 2000s). The article concludes by providing information on the growth of additive manufacturing since 2010 and the development of standards.

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David L. Bourell, Joseph J. Beaman, Terry Wohlers, History and Evolution of Additive Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing Processes, Vol 24, ASM Handbook, Edited By David L. Bourell, William Frazier, Howard Kuhn, Mohsen Seifi, ASM International, 2020, p 11–18,

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